Director's Message

The passage of time saw St. Karen’s High School celebrate its illustrious Golden Jubilee which concluded at the end of 2015 with much pomp and grandeur.

A new era now beckons to us. We can least afford to rest contented on our past glories and laurels. The progress of any enterprise, organization or institution is to listen to the vibrant, resonating beating of the drums of change, and to synchronize our steps to the beat of drums.

No doubt change and innovation is the bulwark on which progress is built in today’s technological world.

Mindful of this, the school has ushered in change in the higher echelon of its management, ceremoniously and formally. The baton wielding authority has changed hands. It has with faith and confidence been entrusted into the capable and efficient hands of Edward and Sharon Galstaun.

We have also now two young, but well experienced personnel as Principal and Vice-Principal in Mrs. Seema Singh and Mrs. Anjana James. Both are very dynamic and enterprising and highly efficient.

These measures have well equipped us with preparedness to boldly and adroitly face the many challenges of the new era.

The installing of the CCTVs in each respective classroom was one of the measures the new hierarchy has taken. This has definitely augured well with the school’s managing prowess. Round the clock monitoring is being done not only in the classroom but on the campus, on the whole. The students and the teachers are greatly benefiting from this. Now we have gone a step further by installing the E-care system. Electronically, at the mere press of a button, we are able to connect and communicate with the parents. We rightly realize that we have to increase our flexible response to change. These measures of ours I am sure will stimulate creativity, innovation and productivity within the institution. It will prove that it will be relatively easy to establish a degree of team-work, co-operation between groups of people and thus will infinitely help to develop a high-performance team.

Such a measure will definitely establish a very comprehensive and efficient line of communication with our parents, help us in decision making, muster cohesiveness, raise the morale of the teachers and the students, create a vibrant atmosphere, and raise the standards of our students and consequently our school’s.

It helps us to align values with integrity, innovation accountability and better service and performance. Together I know we will be able to accomplish more. This will model the way for further innovation in St. Karen’s in various fields.

To those who are at the helm of affairs I have this to offer:- Great leadership is many things. It is the ability to create vision, to build strong relationship with our students and their parents, to fulfill commitments to squarely face challenges, confront issues and to recognize and value dynamic changes.

The launching of the E-care is our Mangalyaan. It has put us into orbit on a different level, opening the windows to new vistas of change. It has been set on a purposeful mission, of voyage of discovery. Its rendezvous is in quest of the Golden Fleece of Success. I am sure it will succeed in its venture raising the prestige of the school in name and fame.

Jai ho, Jai ho, Jai ho

Mr. D.P Galstaun
St. Karen’s High School