Religious and Moral Training

A course of Moral Instruction is given to all. Moral instruction includes the study of the foundation of right conduct, of our relation to God, to society, to the environment and to oneself. The school considers this as an essential part of character – training and it would be guilty of flagrant neglect of duty should the students leave the school without knowing about these, especially in a country where religion is so highly esteemed. The students ought to leave the school ably prepared to work for:” God and Country”. The years one spends in school is also the time in which the students acquire solid principles of action as a foundation of life.

Social and Physical Training

Intramural games and sports are conducted to give maximum opportunity to every boy and girl to develop his/her student talents for leadership, sportsmanship and team spirit. Principles of trust, co-operation, self-reliance, hard work and honesty are inculcated in great measure through co-curricular activities in the school. Some of the co-curricular activities encouraged at St. Karen’s are: public speaking, dramatics, debates, drawing and painting, music and singing; excursions and educational tours. The house system controls most of these activities.

Students are encouraged to develop good communication skills as they progress to the senior classes and as a result are able to hold their own, even in the most competitive of environments.

  • School concerts and sports meets provide the perfect outlet for the talented children to display their skills.
  • Daily assemblies and the celebration of ‘special days’ are used to inculcate a secular mindset by informing and educating children about other cultures and religions.
  • The school regularly organizes special seminars for students and their parents on topics and themes that address major challenges and issues of the day. Workshops on health, hygiene, stress management and problems of adolescence are conducted.
  • Through its many outreach programmes and being associated with organizations such as ‘Help Age India’ and the ‘Smile Foundation’, the school inculcates in its students the awareness of global and local issues, sensitizes children to the less privileged members of the society and instills in them the spirit of community service.
  • The students of St. Karen’s, past and present, are regular newsmakers, be it for their academic performance, their triumphs on the sports field or their artistic abilities.

Value Education and Life Skills

  • The school strongly believes that the proper Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is possible only with proper training in Value Education and Emotional Maturity. The teachers are encouraged to teach values of life while teaching their respective subjects.
  • The school uses the right mix of academics, curricular and extra-curricular activities to equip children to deal with the pressures of life in a constructive and positive manner. The teachers facilitate and ensure full classroom participation in all the school and classroom activities.
  • Formal classroom instruction is combined with project work, research based assignments and hands on classroom activity to make the teaching of the subject stimulating. Thus the teaching methodology helps generate excitement and interest, so that students are encouraged to expand their horizons, to explore and analyse and to think independently.

Co-Curricular, Extra Curricular Activities

Activities such as Games and sports, Social service, Celebration of National Days, Children’s Day, St. Karen's Feast Day, Teachers' Day, Drawing Competitions, Essay Competitions, Debating, Computer Quiz competitions, Elocution Contests, Science Talent Competitions, and Song and Drama competitions play an important role in developing the personality of the children at St. Karen’s.