Academic Achievement
Total Achievements : 57

Event Venue : St. Karen's High School
Event Date : 17th May, 2023
Description :

A poster making competition was organised by Patliputra Sahodaya School Complex at St. Karen's High School.The theme was 'LABOUR'.

The 1st prize was bagged by Kaushiki Sharma and Archisha Ghosh of Std.-12th

2nd prize was secured by Prachi Nayan of Std.-10 B

3rd prize was secured by Ocean of Std.-9 A .

Event: poetry books - ' RAJ ' & ' ULLEKH '
Event Venue : St. Karen's High School
Event Date : 16th May, 2023
Description :

Shambhavi Singh of 12 F has written 2 poetry books-  ' RAJ ' & ' ULLEKH ' . She collaborated with other ex - karenites - Aanya Singh , Vaishnavi Srivastav , Ruchika Jha , Shivanshi Singh & Sonali Raj.

Event Date : 12th May, 2023
Description :

The school witnessed the prize distribution ceremony for the rankers of the first level of Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) on 12thJune, 2023.It was meant for the candidates of std. 1 to 12 for various subjects. The students managed to bag medal of Distinction and Medal of Excellence.

Event Venue : Bihar Museum, Patna
Event Date : 22nd Apr, 2023
Description :

Patna mind fest organised by IAS association on 22-23 April

Name : Shubhangi Sagarika 

Position: 3rd Prize at Patna Mindfest Creative Writing School Category 

Name : Ambar Sinha 

Position: 3rd Prize at Patna Mind fest Open India Quiz

Name : Chaitanya Prabhakar


3rd Prize at Patna Mind fest Open India Quiz

1st Prize in Cryptic Crossword 

Name: Vandita Vidisha 


 3rd Prize at Patna Mind fest Open India Quiz

2nd Prize in Cryptic Crossword 

1st Prize in Hindi Creative Writing School Category

Event: The Birth Anniversary of the poet Kashinath Pandey
Event Venue : Bihar, Hindi Sahitya Sammelan
Event Date : 29th Mar, 2023
Description :

The Birth Anniversary of the poet Kashinath Pandey was celebrated on 29th March 2023 in Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. An Inter school Hindi poetry Recital and Geet Gaayan competition was held to commemorate the occasion.Our students won prizes in several categories there.They proved that language is no barrier for them to excel.

Event: Rashtriya vigyan diwas
Event Venue : Shrikrishna Science Centre, Patna
Event Date : 28th Feb, 2023
Description :

Tulika Ranjan of std 11 A won 2nd prize in Speech competition. "Amandeep  Std. 11A   won 1st prize and Anshu kartikeyan of std 11 B won 3rd prize in  in Written Quiz organised by Shrikrishna Science Centre on the occasion of "Rashtriya vigyan diwas"

Event: Museum week competition
Event Venue : Patna Museum
Event Date : 24th Feb, 2023
Description :

Museum week was celebrated to 24th January,2023 by Patna Museum in collaboration with Foundation For Art, Culture Ethics and Science (FACES). 

Various events such as Painting competition, Hindi Essay Writing Competition and Quiz Competition were organized to make the celebration memorable one. 

The student of St. Karen's High School, Gola road won awards in various categories. 

Painting Competition (Junior)- Rashi Std 8I 3rd Prize

Painting Competition(Senior)- Sarthak Singh saga 12F 1st Prize 

Hindi essay writing (senior )- Vandita vidisha 

 Quiz Competition (Bihar Ki Sanskriti Dharohar)

1. Ambar Sinha 8B

2.A Aryan 8E

3.Chaitanya 6I

4.Tanisha 9A

5.Arya Shri 9D 

6.Shristi 9D

7. Pragyaa Ranjan 9D 

8.Aryan Priyam 9J

9.Aditya Srivastava 9J 

10. Arshita 9J

Event: Spic Macay-Discover yourself
Event Venue : Delhi Public School, Patna
Event Date : 4th Feb, 2023
Description :

Spic Macay is the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth. The symbol of Spic Macay represents the third eye which makes students embark on an introspective journey within themselves.

It is a voluntary, non profitable students' movement conceptualized by an IIT Delhi Professor Dr. Kiran Seth. The Bihar state convention and East zone volunteers meet was organized at Delhi Public School, Patna on 4th and 5th February 2023. The programme was titled Discover Yourself.

The first day started with an orientation followed by encouraging words from Prof. Shyam Sharma, the Padma Shree Awardee, telling students about the cultural values and their significance. The students were assigned different intensives to learn from namely Madhubani art, Sikki craft, Tikli art, Yoga, Folk Music, Kathak and Hindustani classical vocal.


Sikki craft is made using a type of dried grass called sikki grass. It is a naturally grown grass which grows near the canals and takes three months to grow.

The participants of Hindustani Vocal Music has an enriching experience as they were trained by Ustad Raja Mian of Agra Gharana.

 Tikuli is a form of art, started back 2500 years before in Magadh Samrajya at Patna in Bihar. It was first done on mirror by carving it through gold foil and then used by the women as bindi on their forehead and that's how it got its name . As far as the subject is concerned Tikuli artists look at the social subjects - the day to day life , Indian rich culture , heritage and also the festivals . The Tikuli art was demonstrated by Shri Ashok Kumar Biswas.

The session was attended by Amber Sinha (VIIIB), Aryan (VIIIE), Shubhangi Sagarika (IX B), Vaishnavi Sinha (IXE), Aryan Priyam (IX J) and Om Kumar Singh (IX H) and Mrs. Ashima Bishop.


The second day started  around 3:30 am for the Yoga session to refresh both minds and bodies of the participants. It took place under the able guidance of Shri Amrendra Prasad. Students witnessed a mesmerizing performance by folk singer Ranjana Jha.  It was truly a magnificent experience for all the students. The session ended with sharing of one another's experience which provided a better understanding of one another. The motive of Spic Macay is to have every child experience the inspiration and mysticism embodied in Indian and World Heritage.


SPIC MACAY celebrates Nishkaam Seva - the spirit of volunteerism – of giving selflessly without expectation, a value that is intrinsic to our culture and important to nurture in today's world. It was completely successful in instilling the values of empathy and the feeling of camaraderie among the students.

Event: Poster Making and Essay Writing Competition held by Amity University
Event Venue : St. Karen's High School
Event Date : 24th Jan, 2023
Description :

Poster Making and Essay Writing Competition was held by Amity University at St. Karen's High School on 24th January 2023. It was an open competition where over 200 students had participated. The topic of the competition was 'One Nation One Election'. In Essay Writing, Vaishnavi Sinha of class 7, Prem Kumar of class 11 and Ipshita Roy of class 9 won first second and third prize respectively. In Poster Making, Sarthak of class 12, Anna of class 12 and Dhriti of class 7 won first second and third prize respectively.

Event: Scholastic Writers Academy
Event Venue : St. Karen's High School
Event Date : 24th Jan, 2023
Description :

Shreya singh of Grade 8-J has now become a published author with Scholastic, under the Writers Academy Programme.

Event: Pariksha pe paricharcha 2023: Painting competition
Event Venue : Shri Krishna Science Centre
Event Date : 23rd Jan, 2023
Description :

Pariksha pe paricharcha: inter school painting competition was organised in Shri Krishna Science Centre on Parakram divas, January 23. The theme of the competition was about becoming an 'exam warrior'

Jaya Jyotshna class 9'A'  received the first prize and Archeesha Ghosh  of class 11F  received the Consolation prize in senior group.

Event: Synergy -Inter school competition
Event Venue : Online
Event Date : 20th Jan, 2023
Description :

An inter-school competition was conducted by Radiant International School through online mode. It included different competitions ranging from PPT presentation to photography. Nishikant of class 9 won the first prize in photography and Archeesha of class 11 won the second prize in poster making.

Total Achievements : 57