President Message

It's a privilege in itself to be writing this message as the President of my beloved School, the St. Karen’s. I never thought of being bestowed with the utmost respect by the management and when today I’ve become a part it feels... Divine. I always wondered what would it feel like to be up there? And now I am one of those very few to experience the feeling.

The road, the journey to becoming the President is all dependent on this very feeling "opportunities don't happen you create them". I still remember myself when I entered the high school. Embezzled with curiosity of the future and darkness of the past. Never stood up for any co-curriculars. Taking part in any one of those was a nightmare for me. Until 10th I was just a shy kid afraid to present myself in front of any audience ...Too Afraid. But then I firmly believed and told myself "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change I am changing the things that I cannot accept”. This had to be a long time coming and finally when it came the symphony of life found its own new Rhapsody.

All we wait for that one moment that defines us, not for that very moment but beyond time.

It is rightly said that it is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil a love for learning. At St. Karen's I along with thousands of my fellow Karenites found the teachers who shaped our futures. The teachers always had only one goal to help us, the children, climb our own mountains as high as possible and no one can do more. They, our teachers transit us from a complete nobody in the beginning to the essential somebody of this Nation.

Now when I stand tall today as The President of the student council I shall make my school, especially Director sir and principal mam for instilling in me the utmost trust and Faith, proud of myself in the future and whatever success I achieve it's all a gift to my Alma Mater, My St. Karen's ,Our St. Karen's

Since At The End If The Day It Wasn't Where I came from, now when I have come all the way, I'm Never letting this moment go..Never

Thank You
Kshitiz Mayank