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Total Records: 9
Name: Rohit Kumar
Date: 24-Dec-2017

Profession: sports
Comment: NICs school
Rating: None
How you know: I am a student
Name: Rakesh Kumar
Date: 13-Dec-2017

Profession: Senior executive in multinational company.
Comment: Need improvement in opening of site without error
Rating: Good
How you know: Referred by a friend
Name: Syed Mohammad Ali Khalid
Date: 15-Oct-2017

Profession: Senior Mechanical Engineer
Comment: Proud to be ex student of this prestigious school in late 70s. How can i forget big sir and big miss. As far as the comment is been concerned, Kindly add fees structure of current academic calendar, if possible, will give clear picture to the parents.
Rating: Excellent
How you know: I am an ex-student

Total Records: 9