The intended withdrawal of a pupil should be made known to the Principal in writing one month [i.e.30days] in advance or one month’s fees will be charged, in lieu thereof. The same applies to bus fees. Further, those who leave the school in May must pay the fees for June as well. If a child has not attended school for 10 consecutive days during any term without the school authority being in receipt of any written requests from the parents or guardians, it will be presumed that he/she has left the school and the name will be struck off the rolls and the vacancy duly filled up. Readmission could be done if the seat is available on express permission of the Principal. In which case Rs.2000/- as readmission fee will have to be deposited plus all dues if any.

Parents paying fees in the bank but not informing the School in writing of the child’s long absence will not be exempted from the name of the child being struck off the record of the School.