St. Karen’s High School Hosts Inter School Youth Panel Discussion – ‘Cross fire’

An intellectually challenging segment of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations brought out the thinking and speaking skills of the students from the prominent schools of Patna as they participated in a Youth Panel Discussion – ‘CROSS FIRE’ with the renowned Mr. Barry O’Brien as moderator at St. Karen’s High School on 21st July 2015. Mr. O’Brien with his experience and skill brought out their talents to the fore. He took the discussion to another level.

For many of the students it was the first time that they experienced a platform where they ‘Discussed’, ‘Debated’ and ‘Deliberated’ on topics related to their life. It was most encouraging to see the young minds articulating, vocalizing and venting their emotions with all their prowess and strength.

Twenty prominent schools of Patna participated in the qualifying round moderated by Prof. Dr.Shankar Dutt on 14th July 2015. Prof. Dr.Muniba Sami and Prof. Dr.Anuradha Sen were the judges for the day.

The competition was conducted in two rounds – a qualifying round and the final round held on the 21st in the school campus. The schools that participated in the final round were : Notre Dame Academy, St. Karen’s Secondary School, DAV Public School (BSEB), St.Paul’s High School, St.Michael’s High School, St. Karen’s High School, Loyola High School, Don Bosco Academy, Litera Valley School and Delhi Public School.

The topics of discussion were broadly based on Youth, Gender Issues, India’s Present & Future, Media – Internet & Social Media, Education & The Environment.

The students proved that there was not any issue or subject unknown to them. Their opinions were brilliant. The audience was spellbound listening to the budding orators.

Vivek Kaushal was declared “The Most Effective Speaker” from St.Michael’s High School. “The Cutting Edge Speaker” Award was given to Jayanti Jaya & Simran Singh from Litera Valley School & Notre Dame Academy respectively. “The Power of Expression Award” went to Apoorva Mishra of Notre Dame Academy.

It was a very memorable event for the entire St. Karen’s High School family.