Academic Achievement
Total Achievements : 129

Event: National Mathematics Day
Event Venue : IGSC Auditorium, Taramandal
Event Date : 22nd Dec, 2019
Description :

On National Mathematics Day on 22nd Dec,2019, Bihar Council on Science & Technology (BCST), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of Bihar and Management & Engineering University (UEM) organised  “ ConnecTech-UEM Technical Bonanza 2019” at IGSC Auditorium, Taramandal. Students from many reputed schools participated in the event and competed against each other. Our students secured maximum positions as winner and thus stood taller...Students were delighted to bring in such wonderful results which in turn brought appreciation from other fellow participants for the winner and the school where students are trained so well.  Aadarsh kumar X C ,Ankit Kumar X C & Nityam X C won the first prize in  Pythagoras Star . Shreyansh Shaswat XI A won the first prize in Nirmana.


Event Date : 15th Dec, 2019
Description :

 Rehan Bhushan of class XI C got the First Position in State' in the NATIONAL SCIENCE TALENT SEARCH EXAM (NSTSE)

Event: Patna Jila Yuva Utsav
Event Venue : Premchand Rangshala
Event Date : 10th Dec, 2019
Description :

Patna Jila Yuva Utsav was organised by Kala, Sanskriti Avam Yuva Vibhag, Bihar Sarkar in which Sarthak Singh Sagar of Std- IX F bagged the second prize in poster making competition.



Event Venue : THANE,MUMBAI
Event Date : 29th Nov, 2019
Description :

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”-Martha Graham

Shresth Shourymaan of Class IX A made our school proud by receiving the first prize in STREETFUNK Dance competition held in Mumbai Thane on 29th November 2019.Participants from all over India came to show case their talent. Shresth Shourymaan danced his way into the hearts of the audience by his thrilling performance.


Event: Lit fest
Event Venue : Litra Valley School
Event Date : 27th Nov, 2019
Description :

The students of St. Karen’s once again made their school proud by winning laurels in the Lit Fest 4 2019 , organized in Litera Valley School Patna. All the participants along with the teachers received a lot of appreciation from the hosts as well as other participants from various schools. The students of St. Karen’s  won prizes in different categories. All the participants had a great experience.

- Tulika,VIII G bagged the third prize in Character  Dramatization contest.

- Sudhanshu Shekhar XII A won the first prize in T- Shirt painting competition.

- Prakriti Shree, X G bagged the 2nd prize in Hindi Writing Contest.

- Rishabh Dev XI A and Hemant XII B won the first prize in Web Development Contest

- Abhishek Shaurya VII I received the Principal's Choice award in Poster Making Contest.

- Sarthak Singh of XI F bagged the second prize in Face Painting Contest.

- Kaushiki Chauhan XG won the second prize in English Turn Coat Debate Contest

- Manshi Jha, XI C and Kshitiz Mayank XII A won the first and second prize in English Extempore Contest.

- In the team event cooking without fire, Harshita X G, Divya Kumari X H , Aakarshita X L and Vedant Pathak X H won the second prize.

- Vyom Ranjan X L and Chaitanya Prabhakar IX G won the second prize in General Quiz contest.

Event: Regional Level Science Exhibition
Event Venue : Trinity Global School
Event Date : 23rd Nov, 2019
Description :

A Regional level Science Exhibition was held on 23rd and 24th of Nov, 2019 in Trinity Global School. Theme was Science and Technology for sustainable development with a thrust on water convervation.In this event two students, Pranav Kumar of Std- X J and Surya Prabhat of Std- X L had presented a model of SPY GLASS.


Event Venue : St. Karen’s Secondary School
Event Date : 23rd Nov, 2019
Description :

A Computer Interschool Quiz Competition was organised by Kips Publishers on 23rd Nov, 2019 at St. Karen’s Secondary School. Our team comprising of Chaitanya Prabhakar of std- IX G and Vyom Ranjan XL were the top scorers in the prelim round. In the final round they bagged the 2nd position. They were awarded with a trophy and a prize money of Rs. 6,000.


Event: Oratory Conclave
Event Venue : The Tribhuvan School
Event Date : 23rd Nov, 2019
Description :
 Oratory Conclave was conducted at The Tribhuvan International School. Muskan of Std- VIII L stood 2nd in Elocution, Mansi Jha of Std- XI C won 2nd prize as the best speaker & Shreyansh Shashwat of Std- XI A won the Best interjector. The overall rolling Trophy was also given to St. Karen’s High School.


Event: Takshila Inter-School Debate and Painting Competitions, 2019
Event Venue : Delhi Public School
Event Date : 22nd Nov, 2019
Description :

Takshila Inter-School Debate and Painting Competitions, 2019 was organised in Delhi Public School on Nov 30th, 2019. The theme was pertaining to society, environment and community.  Kaushiki Chauhan of Std- X G and Ayush Misra of Std- XI C won the 1st prize in Debate Competition. Zainab Adiba Jamshed of Std- VIII G and Abhishek Saurya of Std- VII  won the 2nd prize in Painting Competition.

Event: Late Sh. Ajit Singh Memorial Inter-School Trialogue Competition- ‘SYNERGY’- Confluence of Ideas
Event Venue : Radiant International School
Event Date : 22nd Nov, 2019
Description :

Radiant International School, Patna, hosted Late Sh. Ajit Singh Memorial Inter-School Trialogue Competition- ‘SYNERGY’- Confluence of Ideas on 30th Nov,2019. Mansi Jha of Std- XI C, Aakrishta Sinha of Std- X L and Ayush Kishore of Std- X L  won the 2nd prize.


Event: Inter-School Debate Competition,2019
Event Venue : Dr. D Y Patil School Patna
Event Date : 19th Nov, 2019
Description :

Inter-School Debate Competition organised by Dainik Jagran. Anubhuti Anand of Std- X K and Vandita Vidisha of Std- IX E had  participated and got second prize in prelims.


Event Venue : St. Karen's Secondary School
Event Date : 16th Nov, 2019
Description :

An Inter School Spell Bee Competition was held on 16th Nov, 2019 in the premises of St. Karen’s Secondary School. Total eleven schools participated out of which only six were selected after a written round. The nail-biting competition kept the audiences glued to their seats. Finally, St. Michael’s High School and Radiant International grabbed the first prize, St. Karen’s High School won the second prize and St. Karen’s Secondary School was declared as the third winner. The two students from St. Karen’s High School were Bhabhya Bhaskar of std- X C and Arpit Raj of X A.


Total Achievements : 129