All Events
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday03 Apr 2018School Reopens
2Saturday21 Apr 2018School Day
3Sunday29 Apr 2018St. Karen's Feast Day
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday05 May 2018School Day
2Saturday12 May 2018Parent Teacher Meeting
3Saturday19 May 2018Summer vacation begins
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday18 Jun 2018Teachers' Workshop
2Monday18 Jun 2018Teachers' Workshop
3Tuesday19 Jun 2018Teachers' Workshop
4Wednesday20 Jun 2018School Reopens
5Saturday23 Jun 2018School Day
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday07 Jul 2018School Day
2Monday09 Jul 20181st Unit Test begins( I to V)
3Monday23 Jul 2018Unit Test (VI to X)
4Saturday28 Jul 2018PTM ( I to V)
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday04 Aug 2018School Day
2Wednesday15 Aug 2018Independence Day
3Saturday18 Aug 2018PTM (VI to X)
4Wednesday22 Aug 2018Bakrid
5Saturday25 Aug 2018School Day
6Sunday26 Aug 2018Raksha Bandhan
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday01 Sep 2018School Day
2Sunday02 Sep 2018Janmashtami
3Wednesday05 Sep 2018Teachers Day
4Thursday06 Sep 2018Half yearly exam begins
5Saturday08 Sep 2018School Day
6Saturday15 Sep 2018School Day
7Friday21 Sep 2018Muharram
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday02 Oct 2018Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
2Saturday06 Oct 2018School Day
3Saturday13 Oct 2018School Day
4Monday15 Oct 2018Durga Puja Holiday
5Tuesday16 Oct 2018Durga Puja Holiday
6Wednesday17 Oct 2018Durga Puja Holiday
7Thursday18 Oct 2018Durga Puja Holiday
8Friday19 Oct 2018Durga Puja Holiday
9Saturday20 Oct 2018Durga Puja Holiday
10Sunday21 Oct 2018Durga Puja Holiday
11Monday22 Oct 2018School Reopens
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday03 Nov 2018School Day
2Saturday03 Nov 2018School Day
3Saturday03 Nov 2018School Day (Report Card I to V)
4Saturday03 Nov 2018School Day
5Tuesday06 Nov 2018Report Card (VI to X)/ Half Day for I-V
6Wednesday07 Nov 20187th-15th (Deepawali, Govardhan Puja, Chhath Puja)
7Friday16 Nov 2018School Reopens
8Saturday17 Nov 2018School Day
9Saturday24 Nov 2018School Day
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday15 Dec 2018Annual Function
2Monday17 Dec 2018Unit Test (I to IX)
3Saturday22 Dec 2018School Day
4Sunday23 Dec 2018Winter Holiday begins
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday04 Jan 2019School Reopens
2Saturday05 Jan 2019School Day
3Saturday12 Jan 2019PTM (I to IX)
4Monday14 Jan 2019Makar Sankranti
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday02 Feb 2019St. XII- Farewell
2Monday11 Feb 2019Final Exam Begins