“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”

These were the words imprinted on my certificate when I first received it for being a class monitor. These words were not just a collection of letters but collection of feelings, emotions and sense of motivation to excel in future. Being the school captain of such a reputed institution is something every Karenitedream of atleast for once in their lifetime and I am thankful to this school for trusting me among so many others.

With this sense of pride of being in the student council also comes responsibilities, to fulfil our duties we have to work hard and this school has taught the very best lesson of our lives that ‘labour reaps rewards’. I firmly believe that for an institution to work properly it needs to instil better communicationskills . Council helps to establish communication between all stakeholders especially students, teachers & office staff.

As a responsible student of this school I assure the Karenite family that I will work with utmost sincerity and dedication and will keep the flag of ST. KAREN’S HIGH SCHOOL flying high.

Thank You
Head Girl
Mansi Jha
( X-H )

St. Karen's High School